IVANA welcomes you and is pleased to welcome you to her home. Here you will breathe a familiar and multicultural atmosphere.

IVANA B&B is located in the historical center, in the face of the Vincenzo Bellini opera, in a noble palace of the XIXth century, the "Palazzo Marletta". 

From IVANA B&B it is possible to visit on foot the monuments, the archaeological sites, the architectural beauties of the Catania Baroque, the folkloric "Pescheria", the fish market, etc ...

In the evening you can enjoy Sicilian cuisine in the many restaurants, pizzerias and trattorias in the historic center of the city, and then continue the evening having a drink and listening to live music in the numerous bars and pubs, thus experiencing the famous Catania nightlife in person, until the first light of dawn. 

IVANA B&B is 4.5 km from the long sandy beach that we call with a name of Spanish origin "LA PLAYA", where private lidos and public beaches offer bar and restaurant services, umbrella, deck chairs, and entertainment. 

Furthermore, at 2.2 Km from IVANA B&B you can reach the black lava stone cliff, of a more unique than rare beauty, formed over the millennia, by the lava of our Etna volcano.